If you've got had KFC Coleslaw before, you already know it is the excellent coleslaw out there. You can recreate this well-known recipe right away at all !

Why does this recipe work ?

My recipe is a totally clean manner to make home made coleslaw salad. If you've got in no way made one in all my recipes before, in no way fear - I promise, this recipe is surely clean. I assume in case you reduce the entirety with the aid of using hand, you could approximate it to what's served at Kentucky Fried Chicken. This Kentucky Fried Chicken cole slaw recipe is with out butter, so there aren't anyt any fancy ingredients to shop for.

However, you could use a meals processor in case you need to cut some of these veggies. It's additionally k to shop for a package deal of the coleslaw combination to keep away from chipping altogether. However, the combinationture you purchase at the shop carries the cabbage center which offers the cabbage salad a fairly specific flavor.

* ingredients :

° 13 cups of chopped cabbage, which is 1 large head of cabbage or 2 medium heads of cabbage

° 1 green pepper (optional, no peppers in KFC recipes) ° 1/2 cup chopped onionshalf of cup chopped carrots 1 medium carrot

° 2 cups Miracle Whip Lite

° half of cup sugar

° 1/four cup vinegar

° 1/four cup vegetable oil

* Directions :

If you are lucky sufficient to personal a meals processor, take it from your cupboard. Start with the aid of using reducing the cabbage and setting it withinside the processor.When reducing cabbage, cut green peppers, onions, and carrots into small strips and put them in a food processor.Mixing the ingredients in this way will help distribute the flavor throughout the cabbage. You might also additionally need to apply a bit onion or green pepper, however use the entire carrot.If you don’t have a food processor, no problem, just cut the cabbage, onions and carrots into small pieces.Add chili puree to taste.Now mix Miracle Whip, vinegar, oil and sugar until you get a clean mixture. It have to flavor candy with a bit vinegar.The amount of seasoning can be increased or decreased according to the amount of cabbage being cooked.Add it to the chopped vegetables and mix well. Leave it for as a minimum an hour for the flavors to blend.

Enjoy !

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